Kayaking in Mangroves.
    The mangroves are small forest with plants and animals adapted to live in this  brackish environment, influenced by the
    tides. At the south part of Buffalo Bay still exist mangroves forest what you can explore at high tide. Often monkeys are
    hanging around, many birds nest and feed in the mangroves. Is a good option for families and nature lovers.
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    Kayaking around island permit you to find many small coves and  Koh Phayam unique places, allowing quiet access to some
    of these very special one. You can see see monkeys collecting shells at low tide o or sea eagles hunting for small fish.
    Kayaking - easy and fun ways to experience the natural beauty of Koh Phayam island. First-timers will find kayaking easier
    than riding a bicycle. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be back for more . . . and it won’t be long before you’ll be planning a
    kayak day trip.
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